Ivar Ragnhildstveit


Much like the sturdy oak that steadfastly anchors its roots into the earth, Ivar Ragnhildstveit has firmly planted his expertise and leadership in the diverse fields of production and sales, offering a robust canopy of knowledge and experience under which thriving professional endeavors flourish. Ivar is a co-founder (nicknamed by other staff members as one of the 'Tree Musketeers'), a partner and the Head of Production and Sales at Omtre. He has a solid engineering background. With a diversified experience spanning across several industries, Ivar has showcased his expertise not only as an engineer but also as a sales manager. Ivar is adept at marketing, sales leadership, procurement, and contract negotiations. His professional journey includes noteworthy tenures at Splitkon, PALL, and the Tronrud Gruppen. As the oak tree - his favorite tree- resonates with endurance and stability, Ivar, one of the most experienced member of the Omtre team, provides a pragmatic and steady hand through the company’s various endeavors.

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